Bold Leadership, Fresh Ideas & Community Investor

Meet Phil

Phil Chabot is a lifelong Connecticut resident, a successful regional businessman and a respected community leader – now he’s running to represent us in the State Senate! It’s time to send bold new ideas and proven local leadership to represent us in Hartford! Join the team and support Friends of Phil Chabot today!

  1. Farmington Gardens Inc
    Vice President and Owner
  2. North House Inc
    Vice President and Owner
  3. Farmington Valley Industries Inc
    President and Owner
  4. Exchange Club of Farmington
    President of the Board
  5. Rotary Club of Farmington
    Former President and Board Member

Phil's plan for Connecticut

  1. Control taxes to encourage growth and development
  2. Restructure the cost of government and increase efficiency
  3. Reform collective bargaining and tackle our unfunded liabilities
  4. Stop Malloy’s cuts to local education and his war on small towns